The Goran's Spring

The Goran's Spring is a poetical manifestation established in 1964 as a part of Student Cultural and Artistic Association ''Ivan Goran Kova?i?''. The conceptual basis of the manifestation was formed by Seka Beci?, Ante Beki?, Mladen Bo?ovi?, Marko Damjanovi?, Vojo ?iljak, Ante Pe?ut, Muradif Kulenovi?, Marko Lehpamer, Momir Luk?i? and others, in close collaboration with writers Dobri?a Cesari?, Jure Ka?telan, Dragutin Tadijanovi?, Drago Ivani?evi?, Vesna Parun and actors Marija Crnobori, Zlatko Crnkovi?, Fabijan ?ovagovi?, Sven Lasta etc.

So far the presidents of the manifestation were Marko Damjanovi?, Ante Beki?, Slavko Mihali? and Branko ?egec, while the current president is Tvrtko Vukovi?.

The programme of the first manifestation which included poets' encounters and amateur recitors' competition, was held in Lukovdol and Zagreb. In the years that followed the two Goran Spring awards were established, ''Goran's Wreath'' in 1971 and ''Goran for Young poets'' in 1977.

Save poets' encounters in schools, culture centres and working environments, occasionally there were other programmes. Some of them include: a verbal journal ''Svatko mo?e pet minuta, nitko ne mo?e dva puta', an amateur recitors' competition, encounters of dramatic artists, the concert ''Pjevam pjesnike'' (literally translated as ''I Sing the Poets''), competitions for the best literary works of primary and secondary school students, a symposium ''Life and Work of Ivan Goran Kova?i?'', a number of various exhibitions and similar events.

The Goran's Spring was conceived as a major Yugoslavian manifestation assembling participants from all parts of the former state. In line with the newly established Croatian independance, the manifestation underwent a kind of transition process and nearly came to an end. However, in the last four years it was somewhat improved and adjusted to the demands of present times, and thus revived as Croatian greatest literary manifestation which gradually started to internationalize. Collaboration was primarily established with the neighboring countries, and since 2003 the Goran's Spring collaborates with an important French poetry festival called the Poets' Spring Festival on a basis of exchange (Croatian poets are guest performers in France, and vice versa). A significant result of this collaboration is the printing of a bilingual book named Mars Poetica in copublishing with a French publisher.

In more than forty five years of its existance and abundant activities, the Goran's Spring entirely accomplished the founders' aspirations- to make poetry available for the audience and writers who rarely have the opportunity to discuss poetry with their collegues directly, much less with winners of the two prestigious literary awards. Therefore, the traditional poets' encounters including poets, poetry critics, journalists, publishers and many others, take place in a different county every year.

In the realms of the Goran's Spring publishing activities, beside regular manifestation materials (such as catalogue, postcards and posters), a poetry collection of the award winner ''Goran for Young Poets'' is published every year, as well as a common publication with a foreign partner, which was initialized in 2003.

Members of the Programme Board of the Goran's Spring are:
Kre?imir Bagi?
Branko ?egec
Miroslav Mi?anovi?
Ivica Prtenja?a
Branislav Oblu?ar
Marko Poga?ar
Tvrtko Vukovi?, the President