International folk ensemble

Recreational folk dance group SKUD ? I.G. Kova?i?? started On 21st of October 1981 when prof. dr. Nenad Bi?ani? organized first international folk dance workshop led by Mr. Francis Feybli from Switzerland. Group has been active for 25 years and during the whole period of its existence it enriches the fund and number of international dances - so today the group dances around 250 dances of all kinds, like : pair dances, ?mixers?, wheel dances ( kola) and different combination of group dances (made of three, four , eight and more members). Francis has been teaching us for years dances from all over the world. From world known dancing teachers we had opportunity to dance with Yves Moreau from Canada and Linda Tsardakas & Klaus Grimm from Germany. For several last years we organize annual international dancing course with Linda & Klaus who teach us different dances that we beforehand agree upon.
After Nenad Bi?ani? the group was led by Ivica D?eba, Sonja Markovi?, Dunja Geri?, Emil Bala?i?, Nenad Guszak, Gordana Poto?nik, Jasna ?oljan Barbi? and today the leader of the group is Rajka Veverka. The group participates at annual folklore festival in Zagreb, perform on ?Elderly persons day? and from time to time is been invited on different performances of national minorities of Zagreb, as a guest.
Looking forward for new members and supporters, we are opened for enriching and promotion of mutual understanding of culture and tradition among people all over the world. We would appreciate any fund some could give for the development of our group. Any form of help would be valuable to our work, as for instance national costumes, CD-s and videos with international folk dances, some money donations to cover dancing courses expenses, etc.

We practice dancing twice a week ? on Moday and Thursday evenings at 6:30 ? 8:00 PM.
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